Trilogy NextGen’s 5G Network Uplifts Broadcast Industry

Leading private cellular broadband, broadcast and cloud convergence company, Trilogy NextGen, has unveiled its game-changing private 5G network. Fully integrated to modernize the brand new Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) studio in Dallas-Fort Worth, this system promises high-speed, highly secure connectivity, and will greatly streamline the operation of the broadcasting industry.

Trilogy NextGen Unveils Private 5G Network

Trilogy NextGen recently announced their state-of-the-art private 5G network. This network, running over the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum, harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure’s private multi-access edge compute (MEC) and Ericsson’s 5G Radio Dot System. The outcome is a secure, high-speed network covering TBN’s broadcasting facility, set to dramatically boost efficiency.

Impact of 5G on Broadcasting at TBN

The new 5G network is already making waves in TBN’s broadcasting processes. By integrating 5G-enabled cameras throughout the entire facility and setting up a private 5G edge network, Trilogy has enabled nearly instantaneous latency for digital content capture. This setup, paired with mobile communications for production crews and vital security operations, allows for up to 20 different broadcasts occurring simultaneously within TBN’s PLEX, a state-of-the-art broadcast center.

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Private Networks

This blend of 5G networking and edge computing capabilities is not only transformative to TBN but also the entire broadcast industry. Expressing the transformation, Parag Shah, president of Trilogy NextGen, exclaims that their cutting-edge 5G network eliminates wired constraints that used to limit creativity. Also, Rebecca Thompson, partner director, product management at Microsoft Azure for Operators, highlights the significant role of high performance and low-latency 5G networking in driving the digital transformation in entertainment.

Trilogy NextGen’s ground-breaking private 5G network at TBN speaks volumes about the potential of private networks. By ushering in low-latency communications, boosting productivity, and adding a layer of security, this implementation is inevitably the future for broadcasters and beyond.

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