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UNIUNI Revolutionizes public space security with AIoT at CES 2024 – Seoul Pavilion Spotlight

As the technological pulse quickened at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, a standout at the Seoul Pavilion at Eureka Park was UNIUNI, a South Korean gem paving the future of public safety and surveillance. Their proposition is a platform capable of monitoring sensitive areas, detecting falls, and preventing violence without the onus of privacy invasion. In a conversation with the brilliant minds behind this advanced AIoT technology, I delved into their realm where safety aligns with the intimacy of privacy, a growing concern in our hyperconnected society. UNIUNI stands out as an ambitious tech sentinel, offering an alternative to traditional surveillance cameras at a lower cost while harmonizing with today’s demands for personal data protection. At this globally recognized event, where new tech frontiers are explored, UNIUNI distinguishes itself by meeting a critical challenge of our time: how do we ensure public safety while preserving private realms?

Interview CES 2024 UNIUNI IMG 5510 1 UNIUNI Revolutionizes public space security with AIoT at CES 2024 - Seoul Pavilion Spotlight

UNIUNI at CES 2024: Spearheading AIoT for an inclusive society

Innovative and dynamic, UNIUNI established itself as a rising star at CES 2024. Their philosophy, encapsulated in the company’s name meaning “You and I,” reflects a dedication to bringing technology closer to people, especially those less privileged. With the ambition to eliminate blind spots in our society, UNIUNI harnesses the combined power of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) to ensure unwavering vigilance. The firm boasts 18 patents, 5 of which are registered, proving their prowess in deep learning and AI-driven services. Recognition for their proficiency comes in the form of over 20 awards and certifications, including a start-up grand prize by Korea’s Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and being selected for the Korean Credit Guarantee Fund’s acceleration program. Recent accreditation from Korea’s Integrated R&D Information System further validates UNIUNI’s innovative approach, bolstering their readiness for global market expansion.

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Global ambitions and market expansion strategy of UNIUNI

UNIUNI’s global ambition was unmistakably highlighted at CES 2024. Participation in the event marked a pivotal moment in the company’s agenda to draw foreign investment and expand its market reach. CES represents an unparalleled opportunity to explore strategic connections and unlock business prospects in the U.S., the largest consumer marketplace. The recently enacted South Korean regulation, mandating emergency bell systems in public restrooms, signals an emerging market need that UNIUNI is well-positioned to serve, potentially opening up new avenues in both public and private sectors. Through their presence at CES, UNIUNI aims to introduce their mission of enhancing public safety for underserved communities on a global scale, showcasing their commitment to serve the public good with trailblazing K-AIoT solutions.

Interview CES 2024 UNIUNI IMG 5509 1 UNIUNI Revolutionizes public space security with AIoT at CES 2024 - Seoul Pavilion Spotlight

Innovative savvy solution by UNIUNI for Ethical Surveillance

UNIUNI is transforming surveillance with Savvy, an AIoT-powered, privacy-preserving space management solution. Unveiled at CES 2024, this cutting-edge technology is the answer for spaces where traditional surveillance cameras are not an option due to privacy concerns. Savvy embodies the next step in safety and practicality, utilizing non-identifiable data analysis to transcend the limitations of conventional surveillance systems. Holding center stage was their breakthrough—a behavioral detection system boasting 99.6% accuracy for high-risk situations such as falls or violent incidents. Instant alerts are sent to space administrators, bolstering responsiveness and incident management. Thus, UNIUNI positions Savvy as not only a guardian of security but also as an intelligent, data-oriented management tool for space owners, setting a new precedent in space surveillance while fully maintaining individual anonymity.

Interview CES 2024 UNIUNI 제품사진1 쌔비 2 UNIUNI Revolutionizes public space security with AIoT at CES 2024 - Seoul Pavilion Spotlight

To conclude, UNIUNI emerges as a game-changing innovator in the AIoT technology landscape, blending security with privacy considerations. Their strong foundation in IP, exemplified by an array of patents and accolades, combined with their notable presence at CES 2024, signal a company poised to redefine public space management. The Savvy platform personifies this advancement, offering ethical and effective surveillance without the drawbacks of traditional cameras. Remembering our interview at Eureka Park, I was given a glimpse into the future of surveillance—a more humane, intelligent, and non-intrusive approach. UNIUNI is charting a path towards securing spaces while safeguarding our personal bounds.

What are your thoughts on UNIUNI’s vision for AIoT in public safety? Could this technology reshape our standards for security and privacy protection? Join the conversation and share your insights on the evolution of the AIoT security market.

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