Unlocking Growth in Gaming & Hospitality with Exponential IT

In a fast-paced digital era, the Gaming & Hospitality sector struggles with continuous change. Technological advancements and customer expectations make it increasingly difficult for the industry players. However, Info-Tech Research Group’s latest report discovers a novel way to drive innovation – the “Exponential IT Mindset”.

Understanding the Challenges in Gaming & Hospitality Industry

The report reveals that organizations often perceive IT as a support function rather than a strategic partner. With a significant 32.5% IT leaders only striving to enhance existing business processes, the industry lacks true innovation. Consequently, the adoption of transformative technologies remains low, hindering competitiveness in a digital-first economy.

Exponential IT – A New Approach to Drive Innovation

Senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, Elizabeth Silva, champions for a shift in this perception. She emphasizes that IT leaders, with a profound knowledge of their business and emerging technologies, can convert IT from a backhand support to a strategic player. This approach, popular as “Exponential IT”, can open doors for breakthroughs in this digital age.

Pivotal Areas to Foster an Exponential IT Mindset

The Info-Tech report details five crucial areas for IT leaders to build their innovation maturity and inculcate an Exponential IT mindset:

  1. Organizational Excellence – Encompasses transformational leadership, innovation mandate, and innovative culture.
  2. Insights & Intelligence – Targets business context understanding, strategic foresight, and emerging tech expertise.
  3. Agile Ideation – Includes data-driven decision-making and opportunity identification abilities.
  4. Team Capabilities – Focuses on talent & skills, change management, and resource investment.
  5. Innovation Execution – Covers governance, embedded security, and infrastructure abilities.

To conclude, adopting an Exponential IT mindset is crucial for IT leaders in the Gaming & Hospitality industry. It allows revolutionizing customer experiences, optimizing operational efficiencies, and steering towards sustained growth. The adoption of this mindset will eventually lead the industry towards competitive sucecss.

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