Unravelling Supply Chain Complexities with Control Towers

In the wake of recent disruptions to global supply chains, Info-Tech Research Group has revealed a groundbreaking solution: the Supply Chain Control Tower. Designed to manage complex supply chain functions, this tool is poised to revolutionize the industry, aiding operations leaders and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in mitigating risk and reducing ambiguity in their supply chain processes.

Understanding Supply Chain Control Towers

According to Info-Tech Research Group, a Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) functions like an airport control tower. Sitting at the heart of the supply chain, an SCCT links people, processes, data, visualizations, and analytic technologies, enhancing visibility, and aiding decision-making. The tool gathers and processes supply chain data from all touchpoints in real-time, subsequently utilizing this visibility to optimize the supply chain, improve collaboration, and support informed decision-making. An advanced SCCT might include analytic tools, real-time data, and digital twins that simulate the entire supply chain procedure.

Four Phases of Implementing a Supply Chain Control Tower

Info-Tech Research Group has highlighted four phases to expect during the implementation of an SCCT. These include Detect – the first phase involves sourcing strategic operational signals for making real-time decisions. Diagnose – this phase requires a root cause analysis to determine impact on revenue and service agreements. Respond – the third phase includes proposing scenarios against benchmarks for identifying solutions. Learn – the last phase advocates for continuous improvement, promoting data integration, and supply channel collaboration.

Exploring Different Types of Supply Chain Control Towers

There are various types of SCCTs to consider, each fulfilling different needs according to an organization’s supply chain requirements. It is crucial that an SCCT acts as a network of trusted partners involved in data sharing, providing a comprehensive, overarching view into and across an organization’s supply chain. Info-Tech Research Group advises considering a capability-based approach to address supply chain challenges comprehensively and holistically.

In conclusion, Info-Tech Research Group’s introduction of the Supply Chain Control Tower serves as a beacon of hope for businesses grappling with supply chain complexities in the post-pandemic world. It not only provides enhanced visibility across all touchpoints in the supply chain but also optimizes operations and supports informed decision-making through real-time data integration. The steps outlined by the Research Group ensure a robust and proper implementation of the Supply Chain Control Tower, promoting efficiency and continuous improvement in businesses’ supply chain management.

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