UST Empowers Workforce with GenAI Training Initiative

UST, a top provider of digital transformation solutions, has embarked on an ambitious journey to train over a quarter-million of its workforce globally in novel Generative AI (GenAI) technologies. The initiative, aligned with UST’s history of staying at the forefront of AI advancements, offers opportunities for career progression while equipping employees with quintessential skills.

UST Launches Generative AI Training

UST’s considerable knowledge and expertise in AI will be harnessed to execute this pioneering training initiative, enhancing their leadership position in this rapidly evolving field. The GenAI training comes on the heels of the company’s earlier launch of UST AlphaAI, an offering aimed at promoting business agility and fast-tracking digital transformation journeys.

Bespoke AI Programs for Employees

A key feature of UST’s training program is the customization of GenAI courses to align with different employee roles. The tailored approach is understood to foster efficiency and assist employees in realizing their unique potential. Embedded within the initiative is the application of collaborative insights gathered over the years through partnerships with esteemed academic institutions like MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Driving Innovation Through Continuous Upskilling

The central aim of UST’s GenAI training is to establish a future-ready workforce that can leverage the power of GenAI across various business domains. Sunil Balakrishnan, Chief Values Officer and Global Head – Development Centre Operations, UST, describes the initiative as a new industry standard. Emphasizing the importance of continuous reskilling in this fast-paced digital landscape, Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief AI Architect, UST stated, “As GenAI continues to revolutionize industries and transform business operations, we remain dedicated to equipping our employees with the tools and knowledge they need to leverage these cutting-edge technologies effectively.”

In conclusion, with this initiative, UST poises itself at the forefront of technological progression, continually augmenting its employees’ talents while making meaningful impacts on clients and partners. This pioneering initiative underscores UST’s commitment to nurturing a dynamic and future-ready workforce, set to drive innovation in the industry.

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