UST Triumphs with Esteemed Certified Agile Status

In a significant achievement, UST, a renowned digital transformation solutions provider, has secured a prestigious recognition from the Business Agility Institute (BAI). The company has been awarded the status of Certified Agile Organization™, making UST one of the high-performing professional services organizations to attain this eminent certification.

UST Receives Certified Agile Organization Status

The revered recognition is the result of BAI’s rigorous evaluation process that duly considered a wide spectrum of aspects such as agile mindset and culture, autonomy, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and client-focused services among others. The dedications of UST’s professional teams to driving innovation, managing risks, and streamlining operations with a clear company vision and mission contributed greatly to this achievement.

Implications of UST’s Agility Recognition

This certification positions UST as a leading player in the global digital transformation solutions market. Furthermore, it distinguishes UST as an attractive destination for top talent seeking to work in an innovative and agile environment. UST’s ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results adds a competitive edge over other consulting firms. Evan Leybourn, Cofounder, Business Agility Institute commended UST’s unwavering commitment to agility, innovation, and client-focused services.

UST’s Response to Challenges and Future Vision

UST’s professionalism and agility were key in responding promptly to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, showcasing its resilience in dynamic environments. Being recognized as a Certified Agile Organization aligns with UST’s vision of becoming a transformative force in the global digital landscape, empowering businesses across 30 countries to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

In conclusion, UST’s achievement as a Certified Agile Organization™ significantly bolsters its reputation in the global digital transformation market. Continued dedication towards agility at all levels, as well as a drive for innovation and a client-focused approach positions UST as a leading transformative force and will continue to create a boundless impact in the lives of billions.

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