Veritas Unveils 360 Defense: The Game-Changer in Data Resilience

Veritas Technologies, a leading name in secure multi-cloud data management, has made a ground-breaking announcement. The tech giant introduced Veritas 360 Defense, a unique architecture designed to unify data security, data protection, and data governance. It’s a first in the realm of data resilience and promises to revolutionize the fight against cyber threats.

Introducing Veritas 360 Defense: A New Chapter in Cyber Resilience

This daring initiative from Veritas Technologies addresses the challenges of diverse and complicated multi-cloud environments. Veritas 360 Defense is battle tested, demonstrating it can stand against real-world ransomware. It combines the best of data protection, data governance, and data security, extending its capabilities with leading security vendors such as CrowdStrike, CyberArk, Qualys, Semperis, and Symantec by Broadcom.

Revolutionary Features of Veritas 360 Defense for Enhanced Security

Built on Veritas’ proven native security capabilities, Veritas 360 Defense offers an arrangement of new product capabilities. These include REDLab Validation, malware scanning for new workloads such as Kubernetes, anomaly detection of administrator actions and data entropy, and simplified recovery malware scanning workflows. Furthermore, the architecture provides support for Azure Active Directory and additional hardening by introducing multi-person authorization for critical operations.

Prominent Security Ecosystem Partners Integrated with Veritas 360 Defense

Veritas 360 Defense doesn’t stand alone; it’s backed by a powerful ecosystem of security partner capabilities. These include advanced threat protection capabilities from CrowdStrike, privileged access management from CyberArk, ransomware vulnerability assessment from Qualys, Active Directory forest recovery from Semperis, and protection of primary and secondary data sets through Symantec.

In summary, Veritas 360 Defense represents an important leap forward in data resilience. With its innovative features and strong support from prominent security partners, it’s a formidable tool for organizations striving to protect their data in an increasingly hostile cyber landscape. Veritas’s newest contribution undeniably strengthens the barricades against cyber threats, paving the way for a more secure and resilient digital future.

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