VinHMS’s Ambitious Leap into Global Hospitality

In a bold stride towards international prominence, VinHMS, a pioneer in hospitality technology, announces its global expansion. This move leverages strategic acquisitions, spearheaded by its incorporation into the Vemanti Group. With its roots in Vietnam, VinHMS now sets its sight on reshaping the hospitality landscape worldwide.

VinHMS’s Bold Move for Global Growth

After five years of domestic success, VinHMS is extending its reach. The acquisition by Vemanti Group marks a significant step in this direction. This strategic alliance not only fortifies VinHMS’s global stance but also lays a solid groundwork for entering the U.S. market. Such expansion is vital for VinHMS’s ambition to be at the forefront of hospitality solutions globally.

Innovating the Hospitality Industry with Tech

VinHMS specializes in streamlining hotel operations through cloud-based platforms, AI, and machine learning. Its suite of products, including CiHMS, CiAMS, CiTMS, and CiTravel, provides comprehensive management solutions. These innovations offer improved efficiency, enhanced guest experiences, and maximized revenues for hotel operators. The company’s participation in the HoSkar Night Bangkok emphasizes its ongoing commitment to industry leadership and trendsetting.

VinHMS’s Footprint in the Global Market

The company’s strategic expansion is not just geographical but also technological. Adhering to international standards such as ISO 27001:2013 and PCI/DSS, VinHMS ensures its products meet the highest quality benchmarks. This commitment to excellence has enabled partnerships with global hotel chains, including Vinpearl, Melia Hotel International, Marriott, and Sheraton. As VinHMS’s solutions process transactions valued close to $500 million, its impact on the hospitality industry is undisputed.

In summary, VinHMS’s embarkation on global expansion through strategic acquisition heralds a new era in hospitality technology. By fostering innovation and committing to quality, VinHMS is set to redefine hospitality operations worldwide. Its strategic presence in key markets and forward-thinking approach positions VinHMS as a leader in the international hospitality technology landscape.

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