Zero Latency Unleashes Global VR Thrills with Zombie Combat Competition

Hold onto your VR goggles folks because Zero Latency, the pioneer in immersive entertainment, is shaking up the virtual world with its first-ever global VR competition. Collaborating with VIVE, the Champions of the Undead competition promises a twist on survival gaming, marking their celebration of three million global plays.

Zero Latency Launches Global VR Competition

Zero Latency takes a gigantic leap in VR entertainment by introducing Champions of the Undead, a worldwide VR competition. In partnership with VIVE, they present this global challenge to their thriving VR community. With over 70 Zero Latacy venues across the globe, participants can feel the surge of adrenaline while battling waves of zombies in a popular game, Undead Arena.

Unleashing the Undead Arena on the World

Players, brace yourselves for a journey into the realm of zombies with Undead Arena. The rules are simple: play a round of Undead Arena at any participating location, score big by eliminating as many zombies as you can, and compete to with fellow global participants for a chance to be crowned the best zombie slayer. Also, not to miss out on the grand winning amount of $15,000 USD for the highest scoring participant.

The Road to the Grand Final in Las Vegas

The sportsmanship doesn’t stop there. The competition runs from the 10th of August to the 6th of September 2023, where participants can perfect their shooting and increase their chances of becoming the top scorer in their region. Each regional winner gets an exclusive opportunity to be flown to Las Vegas for the Grand Final on the 5th of October 2023. So, get on the leaderboard and aim for the top, the battle against the undead awaits!

In conclusion, Zero Latency’s Champions of the Undead competition is an exciting milestone for the global VR community. With exciting prices and thrilling gameplay, this competition is set to elevate the VR gaming experience to a whole new level. The battle against the undead commences soon, so gear up, aim your guns, and let the best zombie slayer win.

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