Zixi Unleashes New Wave of Live Video Streaming with Edge Compute

Challenging the status quo of live video streaming, industry leader Zixi has announced a novel innovation. Their latest release, Zixi Edge Compute (ZEC), is poised to revolutionize video distribution by enhancing performance and uptime, all while driving costs down, meeting the growing demands of live video distribution.

Introducing Zixi Edge Compute: The Future of Live Video

Zixi Edge Compute, or ZEC, is a high-performance video streaming system designed to facilitate reliable and secure live video deliveries. Installed on-premises, ZEC replaces legacy Zixi software, establishing itself on the cutting-edge of technology. By connecting any device to the network, ZEC delivers unrivaled reliability, security, and performance, optimally designed to reduce the transport egress costs and ensuring mission-critical reliability.

Key Features and Advantages of the Zixi Edge Compute

What sets ZEC apart from the competition is its plethora of robust features. ZEC can function as both Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver. This means it can contribute and distribute by receiving multiple local protocol inputs and delivering them efficiently via the Zixi protocol. Furthermore, it offers the customers a stronger API for innovative integrations and access to advanced analytics with Zixi ZEN Master.

  • Communication with the Zixi Broadcaster using the Zixi Protocol
  • Content-aware dynamic forward error correction
  • Support for ARM-based processor
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface and programmable REST API

How Zixi Continues to Revolutionize Video Delivery

Embodying Zixi’s commitment to enhance live video delivery, ZEC is launched as a game-changer in the industry. As Zixi’s VP of Product, Tim Baldwin, noted, ZEC equips global customers with the newfound ability to create new business models, enhance live video deployments, and significantly reduce costs. It’s an impressive representation of how Zixi continues to innovate and lead the live video delivery market.

In conclusion, with the introduction of Zixi Edge Compute, the company ushers in a new era of live video streaming. By leveraging a high-performance connection to the network edge, ZEC optimizes live video delivery for greater reliability and security. Touting ease of use and adaptability, in addition to cost effectiveness, ZEC is set to redefine the standards of live video distribution.

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