ZTE Steals the Show with Innovative Tech at FTTH 2024

Mastering the digital realm, ZTE Corporation, a global provider of information and communication technology solutions, recently showcased its latest technological innovations at the FTTH Conference 2024 in Berlin. The corporation drew considerable attention with its advanced PON solutions, connected home solution, 800G OTN BOX, and leading presence in the IP STB market.

ZTE Shines at FTTH Conference 2024 with PON Solutions

As the 10G PON global market share leader, ZTE presented a combo PON solution designed to support the smooth evolution of three PON technologies. The solution addresses high construction costs, complex fiber cabling, and operational management challenges. For Europe’s ODN deployment, ZTE has developed a light ODN solution that allows for easy management and lower operational costs.

Innovative Connected Home Solution and OTN BOX by ZTE

ZTE introduced its innovative connected home solution aimed at improving Wi-Fi signal coverage. It features an XGS-PON ONT, Wi-Fi 7, Mesh Wi-Fi&FTTR, and SCP (Smart Cloud Platform) management platform. Furthermore, ZTE’s 800G OTN BOX, designed for Metro and DCI, comes with 800G pluggable modules enhancing user interface and reducing power consumption.

ZTE’s Leadership in the IP STB Market & Future Plans

Rising to dominance in the IP STB market, ZTE ranks No. 1 for both PON CPE and DSL CPE shipments. It has held the top spot for newly activated Android TV users since 2021. ZTE also promises to enrich content and applications from Google, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ through their Android TV and RDK STBs.

In closing, ZTE Corporation continues to influence the digital space, providing advanced broadband connectivity solutions. With its creative technology solutions on display at the FTTH Conference 2024, the company reaffirms its commitment to meeting the core needs of operators and end-users worldwide. With products and services reaching over 160 countries, ZTE is indeed a significant player in the global technology industry.

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