Advantech Leaps Ahead with Powerful Intel Core-powered Solutions

Advantech, a leading provider of trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions, has unveiled cutting-edge solutions powered by Intel processors. Offering efficient multitasking and optimizing productivity, these solutions are set to revolutionize AIoT application efficiency.

Exploring Advantech’s New Solutions and Features

With up to 24 cores and 32 threads, the new Advantech’s solutions offer colossal power. Boasting up to 128GB of DDR5 memory and a PCIe 4.0/5.0 x16 slot, they also deliver exceptional compute muscle for multitasking. In addition, the integrated Edge AI Suite and DeviceOn facilitate AI performance evaluation and efficient device management. These features combined with Embedded Design-In Services and industrial-grade components ensure end-users can optimize their productivity.

Performance Boost with 13th Gen Intel Core Processors

Advantech’s new products are equipped with the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Compared to its predecessor, the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, this new generation offers significant performance boosts. Users can expect a 10% increase in overall performance, a 34% boost in concurrent content creation, and a 27% improvement in multitasking. These enhancements dramatically enhance the efficiency of AIoT applications.

Advantech and Intel: A Decade-Long Partnership

For more than a decade, Advantech has been a valued partner of Intel. According to Miller Chang, President of Advantech’s Embedded-IoT Group, this partnership allows both companies to realize their shared vision of enabling a smarter planet. This collaboration has led to Advantech’s active involvement in the design of Intel’s latest processors. The result is the expedited development and release of Advantech’s new products and solutions.

In conclusion, Advantech’s cutting-edge solutions offer robust features and significant performance improvements, thanks to the 13th Gen Intel Core processors. This advancement, stemming from the decade-long partnership between Advantech and Intel, is set to bolster AIoT application efficiency and pave the way for smarter working and living.

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