Aeronext: the future infrastructure is here?

As it often happens leading nations lead the on the path of change. This is the case of Japanese company Aeronext. Would you have ever imagined to make economic utility out of skies? Well the Japanese sure did, and I must say they have their reasons. Here today I present to you the amazing vision and features of Aeronext, the company “aiming high”.

The CEO’s message

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Aeronext proposes itself as a leading company in drone technology. CEO Keisuke Toji is surely a visionary, we can’t deny that. At Aeronext they posed themeselves a question, what will the next major infrastucture built by man? They came up with an answer, airways.

They point out that our lives are based on the infrastuctures that exist today. Men built power grids, roads, water supply systems and the internet. The next infrastructure will be the airways as the space from the ground to 150 meters up, a place only occupied by birds now will become the next economic zone to be developed.

Aeronext: the future infrastructure is here?

As Keisuke Toji himself puts it: “Aeronext sees a future where the sky and airspace will be a significant economic zone and be considered a societal infrastructure… “. He then continues “In the future, multiple drones in the air will be commonplace, and be necessities for people’s everyday lives…. The arrival of that future will bring an ecosystem with a marketplace comparable to the dawn of automobiles.”

Keisuke goes on and focuses on the different approach he and his team are taking to make drones better. “Drone airframes have not significantly evolved for 30 years, and they continue to face challenges such as wind, reliability, flight time and flight speed….” he says.

Then he makes a point that the key is hardware and not only software. He follows: “In response to these issues, up to now, developers have taken a software approach. We, however, worked on hardware innovation and invented the original structural design technology 4D GRAVITY”

Cutting-edge technology

The main goal of 4D GRAVITY is to optimize the position of the center of gravity based on the drone’s flight attitude. This is achievable through some changes in the hardware layout, the separation of the drone into two parts. The drone, in fact, can be roughly divided into two parts, the flying part (propeller, motor, arm) and the cargo part (camera, luggage, etc.). 4D GRAVITY’s new layout increases aircraft’s stability as well as flight performance and maneuverability.

Aeronext: the future infrastructure of the future?

The potential industrial applications of using such type of technologies are several. The Next Series from Aeronext offer a range of services through a range of drones. Flying robots for home delivery drones, small delivery drones, VR shooting drones, bridge inspection models and many more.

Aeronext: the future infrastructure of the future?

After all there must a reason why they were awerded at Going Global Innovations Competition the “Product/Technology (venture technology) Category Award of Excellence”. Even earlier that same year, it received the 4Q “Mizuho Innovation Award”.

Let’s really hope Aeronext reaches its goals, I can’t wait to fly in an aircraft or get a pizza via a flying robot.

Thank you for your interest.

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