Aetheros Unleashes eSIM Support, Elevating IoT Networking

A significant advancement in IoT networking has been made as Aetheros Incorporated, an industry leader, announces that it has incorporated GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning to its premier software product, AetherOS (AOS). This new feature will enable utilities to provision their smart grid eSIMs for the fast, reliable, and secure AT&T nationwide network.

Aetheros Adds Remote SIM Provisioning to Flagship Product

With remote SIM provisioning integrated into AetherOS, utilities are granted flexibility and choice in deploying the next generation of Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) on public, private, or hybrid networks. At its core, AOS, an open standards-based network operating system, contains a oneM2M compliant IoT Service Layer integrated with LightweightM2M support, providing secure, reliable, and scalable device, application, and network management services.

Partnership with AT&T Empowers Utility Companies

Aetheros has formed a strategic alliance with AT&T to deliver scalable eSIM solutions for utility companies looking to establish private 4G/5G LTE networks. The CEO of Aetheros, Ray Bell, stated that “By adding eSIM support to AOS, utilities now have a zero-cost option for migrating their smart meters between their private and public LTE networks.”

Impact of eSIM Support on IoT Networking

This move toward eSIM support revolutionizes the utility sector’s smart metering capabilities. Both residential and commercial sectors are looking to exploit the power of 4G/5G cellular networking to build next-generation infrastructure networks. AT&T thus views its partnership with Aetheros as an opportunity to empower utilities to deploy LTE smart meters on a larger scale.

In conclusion, Aetheros’s latest move to add Remote SIM Provisioning to its flagship AOS product is a significant nod to the future of IoT networking. Done in partnership with AT&T, this bold move looks set to revolutionize the smart grid sector—creating a more versatile, resilient, and efficient network management system for utility companies.

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