Auden Group Paves the Way for 6G and Open RAN at MWC 2024

Auden Group, the industry-leading antenna and connectivity solutions provider, recently announced its innovative approach to 6G connectivity at the MWC 2024. The introduction of advanced millimeter-wave (mmWave) antenna technologies and endorsement of Open RAN (O-RAN) alliance are among the latest initiatives from Auden. They are centered around driving the telecommunications industry towards 6G deployment while emphasizing openness, interoperability, and network sustainability.

Auden Group Advances 6G and O-RAN at MWC 2024

During the MWC 2024, Auden Group demonstrated their commitment to 6G connectivity and O-RAN. As a key member of the O-RAN Alliance, Auden, under the subsidiary Auray Technology, shared insights into the certification and integration process of proven O-RAN solutions. This move is seen to favor telecom operators by easing technology selection and minimizing integration efforts.

New Tools and Services from Auden’s Auray

Auray will provide new revolutionary tools for antenna makers and network providers aimed at improving product quality while ensuring O-RAN standard and energy efficiency compliance. They include the Energy Saving (ES) xApp, RIC Tester, O-RAN Radio Unit (RU) Energy Efficiency Test for energy efficiency. For safety testing, Auden offers the Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe system (MAGPy) and the DASY8/6 Module Wireless Power Transfer (WPT).

Path to 6G: Auden’s Cutting-Edge Antenna Technology

With an eye on 6G, Auden has developed new antenna-in-module (AIM) solutions that are set for display as live demos at MWC 2024. They include the Near V-band 39G AIM and the 28G AIM, designed to tackle path loss challenges of Frequency Range 2 (FR2) and FR3, respectively. They also plan to release 50% smaller low-earth orbit (LEO) user terminals that are ideal for high-powered satellite communications.

Taking center stage at MWC 2024, Auden Group is undoubtedly setting trends for next-generation connectivity solutions. With its emphasis on O-RAN, innovative tools, and path-breaking antenna technology, Auden is unquestionably steering the connectivity and telecommunications industries towards 6G deployment. This move is not only timely but also reflective of Auden’s commitment to sustainable and interoperable high-speed networks.

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