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AIRRANE – The new solution for gas carbon capture showcase at CES 2023

AIRRANE is a leading pioneer of innovative membrane solution technology for gas separation. from hollow fiber membrane production to the design, manufacturing and servicing of membrane module and separation system, AIRRANE`s goal is to serve as your one-stop provider of advanced membrane technology for gas separation.

What is AIRRANE product?

Gas separation membranees are very fine hollow fibers through which differennt mixtures of gases are fed. As the gases travel through the tubes, a process called selective permeation(diffusion-sorption) allows us to separate gases using

Gas which permeate faster and more are collected outside for the hollow fiber as permeates while gases which do not permeate so well and stay inside of the fiber until they reach the other end are sepaated out as retentates. Depending on ther properties of the desired gas, either or both of permeates and retentates cad be used.

  • No auxiliary media (water, solvents, etc.) required
    • Simple modular set-up without break-in period
    • Compact system with low space requirements
    • Easy to start and stop operation at short intervals
    • Durable module design guarantees long working life even in taxing conditions

Why did you decide to develop this product/service?

Founded in 2001 as a National Research Laboratory, our growth as a gas membrane specialist has been a journey of ceaseless innovation. As the domestic market was not formed in the early stages of the business, it has built up its technology by supplying OEM products to advanced companies such as Air Products and Asahi Glass. Since 2010, state-run companies such as the Korea Gas Technology Corporation and the Korea District Heating Corporation have begun to take interest in carbon capture and gas refining.

How’s your sales performance and milestones?

Recorded sales 19%, Exports 209% growth in 2020

  • Advanced On Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBBIGS)
  • Biogas upgrading Membrane & Plant
  • Carbon Capture Membrane
  • To Anti-freezing membrane nitrogen generators


  • Fuel tank inerting
  • Shipboard inerting (FPSO, FLNG, LNG Carrier)

Any new product/service in future?

  • Develop membrane material & large size module
  • Upgrading biogas to green hydrogen process
  • Process optimization to minimize energy and cost for CO2 capture

Highlight your company in five points

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. renewable energy
  3. energy solution company
  4. Gas membrane
  5. Gas specialist


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