Allied Telesis Empowers Connectivity with New IE220 Series

The tech world is buzzing with the latest release from Allied Telesis: the new IE220 Series. Known for their reliable, intelligent connectivity solutions, the company continues to innovate with its latest offering. The IE220 Series is designed for various vertical markets and applications: building automation, smart cities, and roadway transportation.

Introducing Allied Telesis’ New IE220 Series

The IE220 Series is set to redefine industry standards. Making a significant stride in the Industrial Ethernet market, Allied Telesis is offering high-performance Gigabit connectivity to IIoT devices. As Rahul Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Allied Telesis, puts it: “the IE220 Series is a key component to provide a wide and flexible solution for any harsh environment installation”.

Key Features of the IE220 Series

Among the impressive features of the IE220 Series are the dual 10 Gigabit fibre uplinks and PoE++ Gigabit interfaces. They provide high capacity, high power, and reliable operation in various settings. The PoE++ Gigabit interfaces, especially, can offer an impressive 95W per port, making it ideal for a range of devices. The product series also emphasizes OT/IT collaboration and comes with AlliedTelesis’ flagship operating system, AlliedWare Plus.

Two Models Cater to Various Needs

The IE220 Series comes in two models: the IE220-6GHX and the IE220-10GHX. Both models are equipped with PoE++ Gigabit Copper ports and SFP+ 10Gbe uplinks. The two model offerings cater to varying needs, providing an optimal solution for a wide range of customers. Allied Telesis anticipates a high demand for these switches.

In summary, Allied Telesis continues to push boundaries with their new IE220 series. With their commitment to high-quality and efficient solutions, the release of the IE220 Series reiterates their standing as a leading player in connectivity solutions. The series caters to diverse needs with its varied features and model offers, while remaining dedicated to providing increased value and lower operating costs for customers.

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