Altair Elevates Efficiency with OmniQuest Acquisition

Global leader in computational science, Altair, has made a significant stride into structural optimization with its acquisition of OmniQuest, previously headed by the late Professor Gary Vanderplaats. This move is envisaged to significantly strengthen their position and enable innovative, lightweight, and structurally efficient designs. Below, we delve into the details.

“Altair Acquires OmniQuest: A New Era in Optimization”

Altair’s acquisition of OmniQuest enhances their offering, fortifying their optimization leadership in the market. OmniQuest’s products are recognized for their excellence and are utilized by major customers globally. Their availability to all Altair customers is a major step forward. As Altair CEO James R. Scapa optimistically stated, the acquisition brings an “excellent technology and team” to Altair’s portfolio.

“OmniQuest’s Key Contributions to Engineering”

OmniQuest, formerly Vanderplaats Research & Development, is noted for its legendary contribution to the engineering field. Professor Vanderplaats has been recognized as the founding father of practical structural and multi-disciplinary design optimization. His vision, theory, and practical applications have spurred progress in many industries. For instance, his modified method of feasible directions algorithm has been widely embraced in the domain of structural optimization.

“Altair’s Outlook: Integrating OmniQuest’s Technologies”

Integration of OmniQuest’s technologies enables Altair to broaden their scope and drive dynamic lightweight designs across the globe. The relationship is not unidirectional but mutual. Altair’s existing clout in simulation, high-performance computing, data analytics and AI, coupled with OmniQuest’s efficient design capabilities, promises to positively impact manifold industries.

In summary, Altair’s strategic decision to acquire OmniQuest marks a new era in optimization. The implications are far-reaching, with turbocharged innovation and design efficiency becoming the new order. This synergy of computational science and practical structural optimization ultimately ensures a better and more sustainable future.

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