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Amazing Pangyo Online Meetup – The Korean Techno Valley

We had the chance to participate to an online meetup organized by the Pangyo Techno Valley. The overall goal of this meetup was to present some startups in the Valley and get feedback from journalists around the world. This time it was our turn, and we were amazed by what we saw there.

We had the opportunity to learn from 6 companies:

  • CoX Space, developing a human interface for virtual spaces.
  • Hills Robotics, designing AI-driven robots for logistic.
  • Sam Corporation, which created an app to help children develop their imagination skills.
  • Bluefeel, backed by Samsung, which design small and light home appliances.
  • Laplace Technologies, which provides a data analytic platform for companies in the e-commerce industry.
  • And finally, NuviLab, which aims to reduce food waste with a set of AI scanners.

If you want to know more about these companies, we have another article where we describe a little bit more what they are doing and what is our opinion on their respective products. Furthermore, if you want to rewatch the event, the video is hosted on their YouTube platform!

Overall, this was an amazing experience, and we would be delighted to join again in the future. We wish good luck to all the startups that we met, and we hope they will continue to impress people. Thank you, Pangyo Techno Valley, and thank you to all the startups!

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