Anviz Global Ushers in New Era of Data Security

In response to increasing concerns about personal data security, tech company Anviz Global is taking steps to revolutionize the field. The company recently announced their new solutions for advanced access control systems, set to drive key changes in safety standards for data storage and transfer. Their latest offerings, SAC921 and C2KA-OSDP RFID, exemplify this transformative approach.

Anviz Global Revolutionizing Data Security

Anviz, in its bid to spearhead changes in personal data security, has unveiled advanced solutions based on the recognized SIA OSDP standard. The company plans to alter how personal data protection is approached by promoting enhanced security options with diverse functional capabilities.

Game-Changing Features of SAC921 and C2KA-OSDP

The SAC921 Single-door access control system is a prime example of Anviz’s innovative approach. PoE-powered, this product offers great flexibility, simplified operations, and an array of security features, with compatibility with third-party systems. The SAC921, with its advanced features, grants users a more comprehensive set of security options, supporting identity verification and time attendance management. Additionally, the C2KA-OSDP RFID keypad reader delivers unrivaled convenience with its multi-factor authentication. Devised with OSDP, it guarantees secure connections and offers advanced tamper protection and usage tracking.

Anviz’s Future Plans for Enhanced Security Solutions

Anviz continues its progressive efforts beyond these striking innovations. The company plans an integrated packaged solution combining SAC921 and C2KA-OSDP, scheduled to launch in late 2023. Looking forward, Anviz intends to improve product compatibility with third-party solutions, tailoring to various sectors’ needs for a fully integrated security control experience.

In conclusion, Anviz Global is not just responding to the growing demand for advanced personal data security, but striking a lead in transforming the field. As our world moves more deeply into the digital age, Anviz’s substantial strides in enhanced security features and advanced access control systems mark significant progress toward higher personal data security standards.

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