Artery’s AT32L021 Series: The Future of Power-Efficient Microcontrollers

Artery Technology has unveiled its latest line of microcontrollers, the AT32L021 Series. Armed with advanced power efficiency and increased operating time, this technological marvel offers dynamic system clock management, high integration of peripherals, and enhanced reliability.

Power Efficiency of the AT32L021 Series

The standout feature of the AT32L021 Series is its power efficiency. Boasting an ARM Cortex-M0+ 32-bit core that operates at an impressive 80 MHz, this device integrates 64 KB Flash memory and 9 KB SRAM. Furthermore, it offers five WKUP pins for waking from Standby mode, ensuring low-power operation, significantly reduced power consumption, and a swift wakeup, leading to extended battery life.

Integrated Peripherals and Data Latency

The device hosts a multitude of integrated peripherals to reduce both core processing time and power consumption. These include a 12-bit 2 Msps ADC, a 16-bit advanced timer, five 16-bit general-purpose timers, and a 16-bit basic timer. Communication interfaces like 2x I2Cs, 2x SPIs/I2Ss, 4x USARTs, 1x CAN, and 1x IRTMR are also incorporated into the device. A dedicated hardware DMA request logic for each channel ensures continuous communication and effectively reduces data transmission latency.

Industrial-Grade Features Enhance Reliability

The AT32L021 series offers up to 39 fast GPIOs, almost all of which are 5V-tolerant, enabling them to withstand a 5V voltage surge. The series operates in temperature ranges from -40℃ to 105℃ and holds IEC-60730 certification. To further enhance operating security, Artery has also developed a security library, sLib, which provides additional protection to product confidentiality.

In conclusion, the AT32L021 series stands out with its high power efficiency, integrated peripherals that reduce data latency, and industrial-grade features that bolster reliability. With samples now available and mass production set to begin in March 2024, the AT32L021 series seems poised to offer cutting-edge solutions in the microcontroller market.

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