Fibocom Unleashes Game-changing SC208 Smart Module for IoT

In a stride forward for the IoT industry, leading wireless communication solutions provider Fibocom, has announced the launch of its robust and multi-tasking SC208 module. This smart module promises massive leaps in 4G performance and bolstered multimedia experiences. With anticipated mass production starting in April 2024, this move aims to revolutionize smart wireless solutions across a variety of industries.

Unveiling Fibocom’s New SC208 Smart Module

Launched at MWC Barcelona 2024, the SC208 module marks a significant upgrade in the IoT wireless solutions. This highly integrated multi-mode smart module comes powered by the Snapdragon 460, with an octa-core processor and a high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU). It portrays immense potential in several industries including smart POS, industrial handsets, in-vehicle applications, smart homes among others, thanks to its capacity for 1080P video transmission, multi-camera input, and power consumption balance.

Boosting Edge Intelligence for IoT with SC208

Addressing the evolving need for edge intelligence in smart IoT terminals, the SC208 module integrates the Snapdragon 460 Mobile platform. It offers twice the increase in performance compared to previous generations, supporting MIPI DSI at 2520×1080@60fps and offering DDR4X in memory selection. The module further brings superior advancements in hardware design easing the migration process for customers from Fibocom’s 4G smart module portfolio.

Fibocom and Qualcomm Collaboration Expands Capabilities

Working in tandem with Qualcomm Technologies, Fibocom aims to take the edge intelligence in smart IoT terminals to greater heights. The SC208 module, powered by Snapdragon 460 platform brings performance leaps and superior multimedia processing capabilities. ST Liew, Vice President, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. remarked on their proud association with Fibocom in facilitating a digital transformation with enhanced intelligence at the edge.

In summary, Fibocom’s SC208 smart module launch aims to significantly enhance the capabilities of smart IoT terminals. With its advanced features, greater performance, and a robust multimedia experience, the module marks a landmark in the digital transformation journey for the IoT industry. Marketed for mass production in April 2024, Fibocom is poised to facilitate the adoption of smart wireless solutions across a wide range of industries.

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