ATEN’s Award-Winning 4K Switch Shines at Interop Tokyo 2023

ATEN Japan, a subsidiary of leading KVM and AV/IT connectivity provider ATEN International, recently showcased its innovative product lineup at Interop Tokyo 2023, including the award-winning ATEN PresentON VP2021 4K Wireless Presentation Switch. The event featured cutting-edge technology solutions and served as a platform for networking and knowledge exchange in the IT industry.

ATEN Showcases Award-Winning VP2021 at Interop Tokyo 2023

The PresentON VP2021 received the Best of Show Runners-up Award in the Enterprise & Cloud (Enterprise Appliance) category at Interop Tokyo 2023. ATEN Japan invited attendees to experience hands-on demonstrations of their products in real-life situations, highlighting the benefits their technology brings to the industry.

Exciting Features of PresentON VP2021 4K Switch

The PresentON VP2021 4K Wireless Presentation Switch boasts a range of impressive features, such as multi-view functionality, BYOD wireless sharing, audio out, USB touch back, and PoE connectivity. It is compatible with Airplay and Google Cast, allowing seamless communication and collaboration during presentations. Additional features include seamless operation from a connected touchscreen or mouse, moderation mode for managing team members’ connection status and displayed content, and quad-view sharing for instant multi-party collaborations.

Other Innovative Products Exhibited by ATEN Japan

Beyond the PresentON VP2021, ATEN Japan presented other products such as the CL3800 Ultra Short Depth Dual Rail WideScreen LCD Console, KX9970 5K DisplayPort KVM over IP Extender, and CN9600 1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port DVI KVM over IP Switch. These devices demonstrate ATEN’s dedication to offering integrated KVM, professional AV, and intelligent power solutions for a variety of industries.

In summary, ATEN Japan’s exhibition at Interop Tokyo 2023 highlighted their commitment to advancing the IT industry with innovative products. The award-winning ATEN PresentON VP2021 4K Wireless Presentation Switch, along with their other technology solutions, showcase the company’s expertise in enhancing productivity, communication, and collaboration across a range of sectors.

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