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AWE EU 2022 Prepares Metaverse Companies for their Global Debut

The Metaverse is rapidly becoming more than a buzzword. As the new universe unravels, and technological advances in the development make weekly headlines, the industry is now entered by Korean innovators. For this reason, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency is fostering metaverse and XR companies, to give them an even playing field among the global competition. And by doing so, they were attending the AWE EU 2022, the biggest European VR and XR exhibition.

The support is tailored to advance each endeavor

At the AWE EU 2022, held in Lisbon, Portugal, a promotional booth was set up, raising the status of the promising Korean companies. The 15 companies in attendance could network with buyers and advance the expansion overseas.

Along with a presentation around the main topic and a Q&A session there was a conference. The usefulness of Pivo products was emphasized, as opposed to DSLR-based content creation and a the metaverse ecosystem in Korea explained. Additionally, the impact of XR was discussed.

The Pitch Stage was taken by Andrey Lunev, a Swiss venture partner, and companies like 3i, NP, P&C Solution, MetaVu (formerly Extriple), Neogames, Brandi, Ejune System, HAEGIN, Marvrus, and Woongjin THINKBIG. They pitched to VC.

As the biggest expo in the field of AR, VR and the metaverse, the Augmented World Expo remains a fascinating insight into what might soon translate from headlines into a flourishing new industry with much promise. Gathering five thousand related companies and sixty thousand experts alone, this event is a testimony to the fact that more and more innovators are putting their minds to the development of the metaverse. And they leave much to be excited about for their overseas expansion!

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