AXA Sparks Tech Leap with CoverGo Collaboration

In a significant push for digital advancement, AXA Hong Kong and Macau are partnering with CoverGo. The collaboration underscores AXA’s commitment to adapt to and lead in the digital landscape by leveraging CoverGo’s no-code insurance platform.

AXA Launches Digital Transformation with CoverGo

CoverGo‚Äôs easily scalable platform plays a crucial role in AXA’s digital transformation. Its API-centric approach simplifies integration into AXA’s existing system, setting the scene for digital improvement across multiple lines of business and products. Kenneth Lai, Chief General Insurance Officer of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, expresses his excitement about the collaboration, citing swift time-to-market and enhanced capabilities as key benefits.

CoverGo’s No-Code Insurance Platform Fuels AXA’s Innovation

Founded by Tomas Holub, CoverGo provides an innovative no-code insurance platform, accelerating the digitalizing and streamlining processes of insurance companies. Proud to assist AXA on their digital journey, Holub states that the partnership is not just an endorsement of CoverGo’s insurance capabilities, but a clear indication of AXA’s commitment to digital transformation. He eagerly anticipates extended collaboration with AXA across products and markets.

Impacts of AXA’s Digital Transformation on Insurance Services

A significant impact of this transformation is evident in AXA’s newly launched product, SmartHelper Plus, available on the platform. It is a comprehensive plan offering extensive support to both foreign and local helpers, indicating AXA’s commitment to providing innovative and holistic solutions. The company’s mission is not just to insure, but also to partner with individuals, businesses, and communities, underpins their continuous drive for product and service innovation.

In conclusion, AXA’s partnership with CoverGo is a significant step towards acknowledging the power of digital transformation in the insurance industry. Following this pathway can lead to streamlined processes, quicker time-to-market, and enhanced service offerings. It underscores AXA’s commitment to digitalization, marking a promising future of innovation and efficiency in the insurance ecosystem.

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