Baidu Unleashes Game-Changing AI Innovations in Mobile Ecosystem

In a compelling move to revolutionize mobile experience, leading AI company Baidu has introduced a host of AI and agent-driven innovations. Announced at their annual Mobile Ecosystem event, the advancements strategically integrate Large Language Models and ERNIE agents across the company’s core mobile products. The innovations also mark the tech giant’s commitment to making AI more accessible for individuals and enterprises.

Baidu Unveils Latest AI Advances at Wanxiang Conference

During the Wanxiang Conference 2024, Baidu presented the latest developments on its mobile products, which included Baidu Search, Baidu Wenku, ERNIE Bot App, and the Baidu App. These products now seamlessly integrate with ERNIE agents, providing an enhanced mobile experience for users. Baidu even introduced Chengpian, a new AI application capable of performing complex tasks such as professional knowledge retrieval, extended image-text understanding, and in-depth article editing.

E-Commerce Evolution: Baidu Select and the Power of AI

For enterprise partners, Baidu offers invaluable tools that facilitate intelligent transformation. Its e-commerce platform, Baidu Select, harnesses advanced AI tools to comprehend user needs and offer personalized shopping recommendations. It has leading to a significant increase in user transactions and merchant activity. A notable addition is Huiboxing, the first full-chain digital human livestream platform powered by AI, which facilitates the creation of 24/7 digital human streamers.

AgentBuilder: Simplifying Development and Harnessing AI’s Potential

Baidu’s AgentBuilder offers an effortless way to create and deploy agents. It provides a complete solution for agent development, from AI development to distribution and monetization. The platform caters to over 160,000 developers and more than 50,000 enterprises, covering more than 100 application scenarios.

In summary, Baidu continues to lead the charge in harnessing AI’s potential and integrating it into their mobile ecosystem. They’ve made notable strides in e-commerce and agent development which have opened up myriad opportunities for firms and developers alike. As Baidu’s Senior Corporate Vice President Jackson He reiterated, this is an era where everyone can participate and create, with agents offering a strong new impetus for inclusivity in AI.

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