DDPAI Unveils Game-Changing AI-Powered Devices

In a major stride in smart technology, DDPAI, a front-runner in AIoT-powered solutions, has unveiled its latest innovative devices: the N5 Dual Dashcam and the RANGER Riding Camera. The high-profile launch event was held in Bangkok, underscoring DDPAI’s mission to revolutionize mobility with the power of advanced AI.

DDPAI’s Major Launch Event in Bangkok

The launch held on May 30 was memorable indeed, as DDPAI rolled out their cutting-edge products featuring some innovative AI technology. The highlight was the introduction of the N5 Dual Dashcam and the RANGER Riding Camera, both designed to seamlessly integrate with the user’s lifestyle.“Discover Freely, Capture Lightly” is the message DDPAI wishes to send out to consumers through these new arrivals.

Introducing the New N5 Dual Dashcam and RANGER Riding Camera

The N5 Dual Dashcam is a game-changer with its 4K UHD image quality and the AI-based radar motion detection system. Besides safeguarding parked vehicles, it offers a unique feature which lets users “Take Picture” with ease during their drive. The RANGER Riding Camera, designed exclusively for riding sports, offers a 1.3-inch high-brightness touchscreen and captures 4K UHD images with a 150° super wide-angle lens. Incorporating top-grade sensors, the RANGER renders additional cycling computers redundant by synergizing riding data with video via SR4.0.

A Leader in Innovation: DDPAI’s AI-powered Solutions

DDPAI’s COO in Thailand, Aj Aungsuthanatharn, emphasized their objective of empowering users to effortlessly capture their adventures at the launch. He proclaimed their consistent pursuit to provide exceptional experiences through their new AI-powered products. DDPAI is clearly shaping the future of mobility with its advanced smart solutions.

In conclusion, DDPAI’s latest product launch event ushered in AI-powered devices designed to revolutionize user experience. The introduction of the smart, user-friendly N5 Dual Dashcam and the RANGER Riding Camera further cements DDPAI’s leading position in the technology sector.

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