BizLink Elevates Data Speed and Efficiency at DesignCon 2024

Global interconnect solutions provider, BizLink is set to elevate the benchmark for data transfer and energy efficiency in data centers. This game-changing leap will be showcased at the forthcoming DesignCon 2024, where the company will present its superior connectivity solutions tailored for data center mega trends. Additionally, BizLink will delve into how these solutions synchronize with high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and Machine Learning.

BizLink Unveils High-Performance Connectivity at DesignCon 2024

In Santa Clara, DesignCon 2024—the premier conference for high-speed communications and system design—will be the platform for BizLink to tout their cutting-edge internal and external cabling solutions. These revolutionary solutions will offer top-notch high-speed, low-latency networking for next-gen switches, servers, and storage systems, thereby setting new standards for 1.6T and PCIe 5/6 networking.

Innovative Solutions for High-Density Computing

DesignCon visitors will be treated to BizLink’s innovative high-density computing solutions. ParaLink 60s, the breakthrough twinax cable and key highlight at the booth, is designed to empower 1.6T+ transmission over copper. This sustainable technological advancement substantiates BizLink’s commitment to prioritising energy efficiency, HPC, AI, and Machine Learning in next-gen data center demands.

Expanding Interconnect Solutions Beyond Data Centers

Furthermore, BizLink will showcase its expertise in extending high-speed and energy efficiency beyond data centers. For various applications, including the automative infrastructure and the semiconductor industry, BizLink offers flexible, reliable, and efficient interconnect solutions. The elocab High-Performance Flex cables on display can endure up to 150 million flex cycles at tight bend radius, demonstrating BizLink’s enduring quality and function in a range of environments.

To encapsulate, BizLink’s presence at DesignCon2024 aims to push the horizons of data transmission and energy efficiency in data centers. The innovative interconnect solutions on display will not only revolutionize next-gen data centers but also lead the path towards better connectivity in a variety of industries. BizLink is definitely leading the charge for sustainable and high-performing connectivity solutions.

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