Boosting Education: Nationwide Wi-Fi 6 for Moroccan Universities

In a major leap forward for education in Morocco, Cambium Networks has announced the nationwide deployment of its Wi-Fi 6 technology across Moroccan universities. The “Connected Campus” program now provides high-speed internet to over 1.3 million students and staff.

Nationwide Wi-Fi 6 Deployment in Moroccan Universities

The “Connected Campus” initiative has equipped 12 major public universities with Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 access points. More than 200 campuses are now covered, ensuring students can access digital resources from anywhere on campus. Designed and deployed by 3GCOM, the network includes over 18,000 access points.

Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 Technology Advantages

Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions were selected for their excellent quality-to-price ratio. According to Noureddine Chikhaoui, Sales Director at 3GCOM, the technology optimizes coverage, reducing the number of access points needed. This minimizes installation and configuration costs, making it a cost-effective choice.

Key Features of the Connected Campus Program

The technology offers both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points. The XV2-2X indoor AP delivers next-gen networks at a value-based price. Meanwhile, the XV2-2T outdoor AP covers ranges up to 1 km, ensuring wide area coverage. The program also includes:

  • Wi-Fi Designer: A predictive heat mapping tool for optimal indoor performance.
  • cnMaestro X cloud: Secure, end-to-end network management with zero-touch provisioning.
  • MSP Dashboard: Managed accounts for each university, simplifying network oversight.

With the rollout of its Wi-Fi 6 technology, Cambium Networks is revolutionizing access to digital resources in Moroccan universities. The comprehensive features and economic benefits make it an ideal solution for high-density, large-scale deployments. The “Connected Campus” program ensures students enjoy uninterrupted learning through stable, reliable, and affordable internet access.

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