News presents a unique investment opportunity in France is a French fintech specializing in real estate investment. Investing in real estate has always been a popular, and easy way to make money. But making the correct decision about a property at the correct time is just as important to make it work. has come up with a method to make rental property investment a possibility for everyone. According to this method, you can start with just 10 euros, with very attractive profitability prospects.

Objective of behind this investment plan and how to achieve it?

According to Cédric O’Neill, founder, and president of the French company, the main objective of Bricksis to democratize real estate investment for individuals by making it “simple and affordable”.

The method for this is simple:

  •’s experts select and negotiate the acquisition of buildings offering strong rental potential and added value.
  • The building is financed in part by a bank loan contracted by the company, the other part being financed by investors in the form of shares of 10 euros, called “bricks”.
  • Each month, the investors receive a fraction of the rents collected, in proportion to the number of bricks they own in the building.
  • As the company remains the owner of the property, there is no rental management constraint for the investor, and building maintenance is assured.

So, the more “bricks” you buy, the bigger your earnings will be. Bricks can be bought within the limit of 5% of the price of the building in question.

Bricks presents a unique investment opportunity in France

Bricks controls the risk of you loosing your money

People generally believe that investments mean risks. But, stock market, cryptocurrency, or real estate, the risk of losing money is always present. Hence, Bricks carefully selects the projects in which you can invest to control this risk. The property search procedure is fully internalized, with a team of professionals specializing in rental property. These experts select the buildings on the basis of numerous criteria:

  • the occupancy rate of the building and its rental profitability,
  • the general condition of the building and the common areas,
  • energy performance,
  • the geographical location of the building,
  • key indicators such as demographics and the evolution of real estate prices in the sector, etc.

Another element is that Bricks uses bank credit leverage. Since most properties are co-financed using a bank loan, part of the rent collected will be used to repay the loan. This means a decrease in the weight of the debt every month, and therefore an increase in the value of the “bricks”. The final element is that you can resell your “bricks” at any time on a dedicated marketplace. It means there’s a fair chance of making a profit. How? When the market goes up, the value of your bricks goes up too.

Future of the rental property investment method

The future of looks bright as the French startup is enjoying exponential growth. In less than a year, it has passed the milestone of 117,000 investors and financed the purchase of around twenty buildings throughout France.

On the strength of these good results, the young French company has overflowing ambitions for 2022:

  • 300M€ of acquisitions of new properties,
  • 500K new subscribers,
  • 120 new recruitments to support its growth. An essential step before setting out to conquer new markets, in Europe this time.

You can get more info or be one of the first to invest on their website.


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