Bridging the Digital Divide: Outer Reach Broadband Arrives in Skowhegan

Outer Reach Broadband, a Maine-based internet service provider, is disrupting the telecom landscape in Skowhegan by launching its cost-effective, yet highly capable wireless broadband service. Using next-gen technology, they aim to provide reliable, high-speed internet access to more than 3000 homes in the region.

Outer Reach Broadband Launches in Skowhegan

Outer Reach Broadband announced its highly anticipated launch in Skowhegan, offering an effective and affordable alternative to the traditional cable and telephone services in the area. Utilizing Tarana Wireless’s next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) tech, specifically the Gigabit 1 (G1) wireless broadband solution, Outer Reach can now supply dependable, hi-speed internet to a promising market. The starting rate for monthly internet packages is a mere $44.99.

Celebrating Network’s Launch with a Double Feature

To mark this notable achievement and engage with the Skowhegan community, Outer Reach is offering a weekend of free entertainment. They’ve organized a showing of the classic films “Jaws” and “Back to the Future” at the local drive-in theater from August 25-27. Tickets for this summer special are free and can be booked in advance online.

Expansion Plans and About Outer Reach Broadband

Outer Reach’s Skowhegan launch showcases the promise of Tarana’s groundbreaking technology. With a successful Tarana network already operating in Millinocket, Skowhegan represents the next step in Outer Reach’s ambitious expansion plan, aiming to launch in Lee, Lakeville, Lincoln, Madison, and Anson later in the year. Established in 2020 with a commitment to close Maine’s digital divide, Outer Reach Broadband offers fast, reliable, and reasonably priced internet access along with excellent customer service.

In a nutshell, Outer Reach Broadband’s launch in Skowhegan paves the way for reliable and cost-effective internet options for residents. By celebrating their network’s expansion with complimentary drive-in movies, the provider cleverly invites the local community to join in this exciting cornerstone of Maine’s internet history. As a company on a mission to bridge the state’s digital divide, Outer Reach Broadband is certainly one to watch out for in the future.

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