News Acquires GeekHunter: A Synergistic Leap in Tech Hiring

In a significant move in the tech and hiring scene, announced its acquisition of GeekHunter, leading talent sourcing marketplace. The move strengthens as one of the largest tech-hiring service providers in the Americas while making it even easier for U.S companies to hire highly skilled engineers from Latin-America remotely. Allow us to break it down for you. Acquires GeekHunter: A Game-changer, a renowned talent sourcing provider connecting U.S. firms with Latin American tech workers, declared buying GeekHunter, a reputable Brazilian tech talent marketplace. The acquisition results in GeekHunter operating as a subsidiary of, expanding its talent pool and facilitating companies to construct robust and scalable engineering teams from LATAM remotely.

Why this Acquisition matters to U.S Companies

We live in a time when the demand for AI and machine learning skills is growing. This agreement highlight’s’s determination to meet that demand by increasing its access to skilled workers. With the acquisition, the already impressive talent pool at grows by nearly 400,000 candidates. A wide range of skills are covered, including AI development, data engineering, Java, Python, Android, and more. This greatly enhances the hiring options available to U.S. companies.

Expanding Reach and Opportunities with the Acquisition

Brazilian firm GeekHunter has been a significant player in recruiting and hiring top-notch tech talent, with over 13,000 companies registered on its platform. Post-acquisition, stands to offer even more team members that meet both technical and professional requirements to U.S. companies. It’s also anticipated that the combined companies will reach $35 million in revenue by 2024.

Pulling it all together, the acquisition of GeekHunter by symbolises a substantial advancement in the tech hiring scene. It results in expanded opportunities for U.S companies to hire top talent from LATAM, thereby influencing the growth of their businesses. The addition of GeekHunter to’s ranks enriches the hiring options with a plethora of skills, making this a win-win situation for all.

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