Brinc Accelerates Future of Web3 with Summer 2023 Cohort

Brinc, a leading global venture accelerator, has announced its newest selection for its Summer 2023 cohort. The cohort will consist of 25 promising startups from around the world that are set to contribute greatly to the rapidly evolving Web3 realm. The selected startups will take part in Brinc’s rigorous 12-week accelerator program, benefiting from in-depth support, resources, and mentorship aimed at bolstering their growth and advancing technology-driven solutions.

Overview of Brinc’s Summer 2023 Cohort

Brinc’s Summer 2023 cohort comes as Brinc’s third endeavor into the Web3-startup realm, continuous reaffirmations of the company’s commitment to the remarkable potential of blockchain technology and online ecosystems. The chosen startups were selected from over 700 applications from 27 different countries and were positioned under five Web3 verticals: DeFi, Entertainment & Loyalty Platforms, Gaming, Healthcare, and Technology & Infrastructure.

Startups Selected for Brinc’s Accelerator Program

The selected startups will participate in Brinc’s robust 12-week accelerator program, designed to leverage their growth, elevate strategies, expand their networks, and contribute to the advancement of technology-driven solutions. The chosen startups embody diversity, representing a vast range of innovative ventures at the cutting edge of technologies in blockchain, decentralized applications, and peer-to-peer networks. Some of the standout startups include Finceptor, a revolutionary DeFi platform, Cyber Syndicate, a pioneering network that connects builders and communities, and MetaCare, a pioneering health and wellness marketplace using blockchain.

Brinc’s Commitment to Blockchain and Web3 Technology

Brinc maintains a steadfast belief in the transformative power of Web3 technologies, and its Summer 2023 cohort is a testament to this ongoing commitment. The company aims to support startups using these technologies to conceive new business models, drive creative innovation, and advance groundbreaking technologies. Brinc’s commitment extends further to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the digital future we are rapidly approaching.

In sum, Brinc’s Summer 2023 Cohort selection reaffirms the accelerator’s continued commitment to fostering innovation in the cutting-edge realm of blockchain and Web3 technologies. This initiative is poised to make significant contributions to various industries, underscoring the vital role that these technologies will play in the shaping of our digital future. Brinc continues to solidify its position as a guiding force in the world of tech startups, championing diversity, and inclusivity while driving sizable advancements in the tech industry.

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