ePlus Soars High with Five New Cisco Powered Services

In a fast-paced digital world, ePlus has joined the elite ranks of Cisco partners, earning a notable five new Cisco Powered Services designations. Freshly passed rigorous Cisco audits validate ePlus’ capabilities to deliver high-quality managed services. This news underscores the company’s proficiency and commitment to helping its customers reduce complexity as they harness the speed of XaaS solutions.

ePlus Earns Five New Cisco Powered Services

Showing its prowess in managed automated WAN performance services, ePlus now proudly carries Cisco Powered Service designations in the following areas: Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco Powered Meraki SD-WAN Services, Meraki Access, Cisco Webex Contact Center, and Cisco Powered Cloud Calling Services. The expansion of these services highlights the extensive capacity of ePlus to deliver timely, top-notch Unified Communication (UC) services from a robust cloud infrastructure.

Demonstrating Expertise: Cisco Audits & ePlus

Passing multiple simultaneous Cisco audits reflects ePlus’ dedication to quality and competence. Wayne St. Jacques, the vice president of managed services at ePlus, expressed delight at this achievement. He emphasized how this feat proves Cisco’s trust in their technical talent, skillset, and ability to streamline the digital buying experience of their customers. ePlus now stands among an exclusive group of Cisco partners, reinforcing their authority in the tech industry.

About ePlus Managed Services and ePlus Inc.

For more than 20 years, ePlus Managed Services has been at the forefront of controlled IT infrastructure, helping enterprises optimize operations and manage risk. ePlus Inc., the parent company, has an unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to create inspired and transformative business outcomes for its clients. In its impressive track record of more than 30 years, it has navigated customers through rapidly changing environments and challenging obstacles in the tech field.

The recent feat of securing five new Cisco Powered Services solidifies ePlus’s position as a trusted, competent player in the realm of global tech services. Their continuous dedication to quality and customer experience distinguishes them from the competition. As they carry their customers forward through rapidly shifting digital landscapes, they’re paving the way for simple, strategic, and efficient IT solutions.

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