Cervoz Technology: Shaping the Future of Industrial Solutions

Renowned industrial solutions provider, Cervoz Technology, is set to display its innovative prowess at the approaching Embedded World 2024 event. With a special focus on edge computing, high-performance AI, machine vision, and expansion solutions, the company aims to revolutionize various industrial applications.

Cervoz Technology: A Pioneer in Edge Computing & AI

Understanding the increasing importance of edge computing and AI in the industry, Cervoz has introduced the M.2 2230 (A+E Key) NVMe Gen3x2 solution – the T425 series. A perfect fit for compact edge devices, the T425 series offers high-speed data transfer whilst saving space. For high-performance computing, the DDR5-5600MHz series, performing 50% better than its DDR4 counterpart, alongside the latest compact low-profile 10GbE PCIe LAN Card, promises to significantly enhance network bandwidth.

Improving Machine Vision Accuracy with Cervoz

At the forefront of machine vision technology, Cervoz’s NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSDs provide fast, reliable data handling for real-time image processing. These SSDs sport advanced thermal solutions like graphene pads and heat sinks for consistent performance. The lineup also includes DDR5 modules with ECC, essential for precise operations. Plus, Ethernet Expansion Cards for robust data transfer, even in extreme temperatures and integrating PoE+ for cost-effective installation, solidifies their commitment to accuracy and reliability.

Cervoz’s Expansion Solutions and High Endurance Products

Recognizing the need for resilient and reliable products in critical applications, Cervoz’s rugged product range, tested to meet military and vehicular standards, exemplifies durability. Products include features like Power Loss Protection which monitors and safeguards data against power fluctuations. Further bolstering their offerings, Cervoz will be introducing M.2 expansion cards that support CAN-Bus technology and Wi-Fi 5/6 cards to meet burgeoning industrial connectivity needs.

In summary, Cervoz Technology continues to lead the charge in industrial-grade storage, memory, and expansion solutions. Their presence at Embedded World 2024 is sure to deliver a natural blend of innovation, practicality, and forward-thinking to meet the evolving needs of various industrial applications.

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