Eoptolink Unveils Game-Changing 100G SFP112 Transceivers

Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd., a leading innovator in optical transceiver solutions, has launched its new product line of 100G SFP112 transceivers. Offering the highest single module port density for 100G connectivity, the new form-factor provides both optical and electrical signals at a 106Gb/s data rate. The high-performance transceivers maximize efficiency and minimize latency, taking optical transmission to new heights.

Introduction to Eoptolink’s 100G SFP112 Transceivers

The new 100G SFP112 series includes DR, FR, LR and ER versions – all fulfilling IEEE and 100G lambda MSA requirements. Depending on the version, the transceivers can span 500m, 2km, 10km, and 40km transmission distances respectively. With a focus on low latency variations, the transceivers operate using the KP4 FEC of the host system.

Impact and Advantages of 100G SFP112 in the Optical Transmission Market

Eoptolink’s 100G SFP112 comes as an evolutionary leap in the optical transmission industry. Compared to its predecessors, it offers a host of advantages including lower cost, higher efficiency, and greater density. It’s noteworthy that the new form-factor has been enabled by the rapid shift of the SerDes of the host ASICs to support 100G CAUI-1.

Eoptolink’s Role and Innovation in Optical Transceiver Solutions

Eoptolink has been a consistent innovator in the optical transceiver market, catering to a wide range of applications including AI, Cloud Data Center, 4G/5G wireless, Transport & Datacom, and FTTX. This newest addition to their portfolio underscores their commitment to drive innovation and provide advanced optical transceiver solutions for a global audience. The company plans to showcase the new 100G SFP112 series modules alongside other high-performance optical transceiver solutions at OFC 2024.

In summary, the new 100G SFP112 transceivers by Eoptolink mark an important milestone in the optical transmission industry. Offering a blend of innovation, efficiency, and performance, these new transceivers are set to redefine industry standards and lead the way in optical transmission technology.

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