Clario Amplifies AI Reach with ArtiQ Acquisition

In a significant move to advance artificial intelligence (AI) in respiratory clinical trials, healthcare technology company Clario has announced the acquisition of AI tech firm ArtiQ.

Clario Enhances AI Capabilities with ArtiQ Acquisition

The acquisition sees Clario integrating ArtiQ’s cutting-edge AI solutions into its respiratory portfolio. This collaboration is set to supercharge Clario’s existing AI capabilities, which currently includes over 50 proprietary AI/Machine Learning algorithms. Chris Fikry, CEO at Clario, expressed his excitement about welcoming ArtiQ into their fold, highlighting how this acquisition will streamline the clinical trial process and improve patient experience worldwide.

The Impact of the Acquisition on Clario’s Respiratory Portfolio

As the latest addition to Clario’s series of strategic acquisitions, ArtiQ will considerably bolster Clario’s respiratory solutions portfolio. Alongside this, with ArtiQ CEO Marko Topalovic leading Clario’s overall AI strategy, Clario can expect further advancements in their use of AI across service lines. Topalovic emphasized the ample opportunity this move provides in scaling their technology to all clinical trials and sponsors globally, heralding a major leap in improving trial outcomes and patient care.

ArtiQ: An Innovative Addition to Clario’s Future Growth

This move marks a new chapter for both ArtiQ and Clario. By absorbing ArtiQ’s capabilities, Clario stands to make impressive strides in the healthcare market, continuing its commitment to pioneering AI models for clinical trials. Jay Ferro, Clario’s Chief Information, Technology and Product Officer, resonated this viewpoint, stressing that the acquisition reassures Clario’s dedication towards delivering high-quality data in clinical trials.

In conclusion, the acquisition of ArtiQ by Clario represents an influential stride towards enhancing AI capabilities in respiratory clinical trials. This merger not only robustly expands Clario’s respiratory solutions portfolio but also paves the path for future AI initiatives in the clinical trial process, signaling a promising era for both organizations and the patients they serve.

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