Breaking AI Barriers: Baidu’s Groundbreaking Reveal at Create 2024

In an exciting series of events, Baidu, a pioneering AI firm, is gearing up to showcase several breakthroughs at Baidu Create 2024. This year, the theme is “Create the Future”. The leading-edge advancements encompass the unveiling of new ERNIE models, easy-to-use development toolkits, and a lot more.

Baidu Create 2024: A Peek into the Future of AI

Under this theme, Baidu’s co-founder, Chairman and CEO Robin Li, will give a keynote address. Li is set to dwell into how Baidu is empowering AI developers with flexible and user-friendly models and tools. The aim is to construct a more robust and dynamic AI ecosystem. Baidu’s core belief is that merging the AI capabilities of foundation models with industry expertise leads to successful “industry applications”.

Baidu’s Revolutionary Lightweight Models

Li will also introduce Baidu’s latest lightweight models, ERNIE Speed, ERNIE Light, and ERNIE Tiny. The intention is to display the ideal synergistic use of hefty and lightweight models for faster responses and reduced inference cost. These models hint at Baidu’s commitment to advancing AI technology.

Exploring Baidu’s Tools for Creating AI Applications

Baidu’s trove of AI toolkits range from agent development, AI application creation, to model customization. Interestingly, these tools are designed so intuitively that even non-programmers can develop AI applications with relative ease. In the future, “Everyone can create.” envisages Li, predicting a job market without the traditional role of a programmer.

Overall, Baidu Create 2024 promises to be a thrilling immersion into the world of AI. The event grants guests a front-row seat to watch AI advancement as it happens, particularly through the lens of Baidu’s innovative and transformative technologies. As the world embraces AI, Baidu stands at the forefront, pushing technological boundaries and unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for more updates on this landmark event.

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