Clarivate Elevates AI Strategy with Strategic MotionHall Acquisition

In the pursuit of becoming a leading industry vertical artificial intelligence (AI) player, Clarivate Plc, a renowned global provider of transformative intelligence, has announced plans to acquire MotionHall. Clarivate aims to strengthen its Life Sciences & Healthcare strategy with this acquisition.

Clarivate’s Acquisition of MotionHall: A Strategic Move

Clarivate Plc is set to purchase the majority of assets from MotionHall, a Silicon Valley start-up offering industry vertical artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the life sciences. By acquiring MotionHall’s intellectual property, clients, and team, Clarivate intends to enhance its various services, particularly those housed under its brand, Clarivate Cortellis™.

How MotionHall Enhances Clarivate’s Life Sciences & Healthcare Strategy

This strategic acquisition aligns with Clarivate’s Life Sciences & Healthcare strategy, aimed at delivering transformative intelligence through AI application. This bold move is expected to speed up workflows and provide quick, actionable insights. Rachael Craig, SVP and Managing Director of Clarivate, believes this merger will propel Clarivate’s advancements in industry vertical AI, equipping their clients to tackle complex challenges more effectively.

The Future Impact of Clarivate and MotionHall Collaboration

Clarivate will leverage MotionHall’s intellectual property in the near-term to improve the Cortellis search mechanism and data quality coverage. As part of its ongoing commitment to provide exceptional value, Clarivate plans to introduce novel solutions with AI applications to their clients across the entire drug, device, and medical technology lifecycle.

To wrap up, Clarivate’s acquisition of MotionHall is aimed at enhancing its capacity to deliver transformative solutions through advanced AI technologies. This acquisition not only boosts Clarivate’s industry vertical AI capabilities but also promises to render high-quality, effective intelligence services to clients by improving workflows and delivering timely insights. Leveraging MotionHall’s intellectual property, Clarivate is well-positioned to revolutionize the life sciences and healthcare industry.

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