Enabot Unleashes a New Era in Pet Technology with ROLA Series

Enabot, a globally renowned family robotics company, is set to transform pet technology with the launch of its advanced ROLA series. Evolved from the celebrated EBO series, the ROLA series introduces smarter pet monitoring and tracking solutions, setting a new paradigm in the industry.

Introducing Enabot’s ROLA Series for Pet Owners

As an innovative development, the ROLA series is geared towards meeting the evolving needs of modern pet owners. With ROLA PetPal and ROLA PetTracker, Enabot shifts the focus towards facilitating seamless human-pet interaction. The new series promises to offer a technologically empowered solution to the prevalent problem of pet separation anxiety.

Detailed Features of the ROLA PetPal

ROLA PetPal redefines pet interaction with its high-end features, including high-definition cameras, mobile capability, automatic recharging, AI-enabled pet recognition, two-way voice communication, interactive toys, and an automated Treat Dispenser. Ensuring round-the-clock entertainment, ROLA PetPal boasts unique features such as two-way voice communication and an easy-access call button for pets. Additionally, it offers Cloud+ Subscription services, delivering 24/7 cloud playback, Smart Alerts, and Daily Pet Vlogs.

Capture Pet Adventures with the ROLA PetTracker

Apart from traditional pet tracking, ROLA PetTracker offers a unique insight into your pet’s world. Leveraging technologies like GPS, LBS, Image Tracking, and Sound & Light Positioning, it enables real-time tracking of your pet’s route. Other distinctive features include Safety Fence, QR code, and SOS button. Interestingly, the ROLA App fosters a pet social network, encouraging users to connect with fellow pet enthusiasts in their neighborhood.

In conclusion, Enabot’s ROLA series ushers in a new age of smart pet technology, offering unique solutions to pet owners worldwide. Thus, reinforcing Enabot’s commitment to enhance family happiness through high-tech companionship. An absolute boon for pet owners, the ROLA series promises to redefine human-pet interaction, making it more interactive, accessible, and enjoyable.

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