Claro Perú Boosts Broadband Experience with Harmonic’s CableOS

In a strategic move, telecommunication service provider Claro Perú extends its collaboration with the renowned Harmonic, integrating the leading CableOS Platform into their fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service. This advancement aims to deliver faster and reliable broadband service while ensuring sustainable growth.

Claro Perú Expands Partnership with Harmonic

Claro Perú, a part of the América Móvil group, has previously incorporated Harmonic’s CableOS Platform into its infrastructure. Through this new extension, it is intensifying its commitment to deliver improved and efficient broadband experiences to its customers. As Nelson Moscoso, the deputy director of the fixed services network at Claro Perú, rightly pointed out – the new FTTH offering will reduce space, power, and cooling costs significantly, aiding in expanding their service areas.

Harmonic’s CableOS Platform: A Revolution in Broadband Services

CableOS Platform, an innovation of Harmonic, has become a gamechanger in the broadband industry, enabling the delivery of next-gen broadband and 10G speeds. The technology was successfully trialed in Claro Perú’s Lima Hub and is set to go live by early next year. The unique features of the CableOS Platform, combined with Ripple R-PHY nodes, will enable Claro Perú to deliver both 10G fiber and DOCSIS from the same node. The intent is to swiftly roll-out fiber services in new markets and key competitive areas.

Impact on Broadband Operators and Future Prospects

The impact of the Harmonic’s CableOS Platform goes beyond Claro Perú. Several innovative service providers worldwide are incorporating this platform into their infrastructures for FTTH services. By leveraging this technology, providers can significantly enhance subscriber experiences while accelerating their time to market for 10G and minimizing the capital investment for fiber services.

In conclusion, the substantial shift to Harmonic’s CableOS Platform by Claro Perú promises an ultra-high-quality broadband experience for its customers. This bold move not only positions Claro Perú as a leader in fiber-to-the-home services but also sets a benchmark for other service providers to upgrade their technology for an enhanced internet experience.

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