Yawn-Worthy Spring Startups: 5 Dull Business Ideas to Avoid

Are you thinking of starting a new business this spring? Before you dive in, make sure your idea is fresh and exciting. Avoid these 5 lackluster business ideas that are sure to make you – and your customers – yawn.

Boring Startups to Skip: 5 Lackluster Business Ideas

1. Another coffee shop

Unless you have a unique selling point – like cat-themed decor or vegan treats – starting a plain old coffee shop is a snooze-fest. With so many already out there, it takes more than just good coffee to stand out.

2. A generic cleaning service

Offering cleaning services isn’t a bad idea, but if you’re not doing anything different from the competition, you’re unlikely to make a splash. Spice it up by specializing in eco-friendly cleaning or offering a quirky uniform.

3. A local newspaper

The world doesn’t need another local newspaper. Unless you have an innovative approach, like focused coverage on a specific neighborhood or interest group, this idea is better left in the past.

5 Tedious Business Ventures to Avoid this Spring

1. A plain old florist

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional florist, but if you’re not offering something unique, it’s a tough market to stand out in. Consider specializing in exotic blooms, or offering classes on flower arranging.

2. A generic meal delivery service

Meal delivery services are a dime a dozen. To catch customers’ attention, consider catering to specific dietary needs, or offering a meal kit with all the ingredients and recipe included.

3. A new thrill ride

Thrill rides are exciting, but there are only so many ways to spin, drop, and twist people around. Unless you’re bringing something completely new to the table, this idea is a bit tired.


Starting a new business is always exciting, but make sure your idea is fresh and compelling. Avoid these 5 dull business ideas if you want to make a splash this spring.

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