Claro’s Secure Managed LAN: New Powerhouse in Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly, and businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure their digital assets remain well-protected. To aid in this pursuit, Claro Enterprise Solutions, a global leader in integrated network solutions, announces the launch of their new solution – Secure Managed LAN.

Introducing Claro’s Secure Managed LAN

Secure Managed LAN is an integrated and intuitive cloud-managed solution offering optimal network coverage and performance. It features a centralized, web-based platform for easy management, in collaboration with Fortinet, a well-known provider of cybersecurity solutions. This end-to-end solution will help businesses improve their Wi-Fi deployment, enhance their security roadmap, and make smarter decisions backed up by insightful analytics.

Key Features and Benefits of Secure Managed LAN

The key takeaways of Secure Managed LAN cut across diverse areas:

  • Wi-Fi LAN, Cloud-Managed Devices, and Services
  • SD-WAN and Security – enabling site-to-site VPN, intelligent path control, and advanced analytics.
  • Integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric, providing unsurpassed cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Dynamic Cloud Security that keeps cloud infrastructure and applications safe.
  • AI-Driven security operations that proactively protect against cyber threats.

That’s not all, there’s also an extensive emphasis on web, content, and device security with advanced technologies to ward off potential cyberattacks.

Enhancing Network Security with Claro’s Product

In today’s digital era, no business can afford to compromise network security. Increased cyberattacks necessitate the need for robust protection strategies. The advent of Secure Managed LAN brings these issues under control by offering a comprehensive range of security measures to businesses.

In conclusion, the launch of Claro’s Secure Managed LAN is a gamechanger in the growing field of cybersecurity. Its extensive features make it a comprehensive and reliable solution for businesses seeking to bolster their network security while harnessing the benefits of contemporary technology. With this product, Claro continues its legacy of bringing high-performance, integrated solutions to businesses worldwide.

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