Closing the Retail Gap with Shopper AI’s Revolutionary Behavioral Insights

In a groundbreaking move, Israel-based tech company Shopper AI is making its official debut in the American market at the ShopTalk retail convention from March 26-29, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company specializes in the recognition of shoppers behavior, offering actionable insights and personalized recommendations through existing in-store cameras using AI and computer vision technology.

Shopper AI Launches in the American Market at ShopTalk Retail Convention

Shopper AI is making waves in the retail industry with its unique technology aimed at providing retailers with insights on the behavior of shoppers at a crucial time – in-store.

The company, founded by Lanor Daniel and Sivan Friedman Joseph in 2018, has already worked with global brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and P&G, offering the advantage of data analytics that have previously only been available to ecommerce retailers.

How Shopper AI Solves Retail’s Persistent Gap with Ecommerce

AI technology developed by Shopper AI provides anonymous data analysis of shoppers in real-time, enabling retailers to tailor their marketing strategies, product offerings, and in-store experiences more effectively. Shopper AI’s technology allows for specific customer profiles to be identified based on different behavioral patterns, including impulse purchases, price sensitivity, or brand loyalty.

With the technology offered by Shopper AI, stores are equipped with a more comprehensive understanding of their customers, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that drive stronger sales. This level of data analytics has been a persistent gap in brick-and-mortar retail in comparison to ecommerce retailers that have long been able to leverage data analytics.

Empowering Retailers to Make Data-Driven Decisions with Shopper AI’s Behavioral Insights

According to Lanor Daniel, the “moment of truth” comes when shoppers are in front of shelves with products in hand, deciding to make a purchase or not. That is the moment when Shopper AI’s technology becomes most valuable. By analyzing the behavior of the shopper, the company can understand what makes a customer buy a product and what makes them put it back on the shelf. This enables brands and retailers to target their audience better and enhance the customer experience in-store.

The use of in-store cameras and powerful AI algorithms enables the company to generate impactful insights for retailers and brands. The algorithm anonymously analyzes shoppers’ decision-making trees, revealing the true story of shopper interactions with products.

Shopper AI’s technology has already changed the way that P&G displays its products and partners with retailers. Tal Yefet, a distributor at Diplomat, which represents P&G, said, “We believe other brands and retailers will find Shopper AI’s value proposition of keen interest.”

The company aims to empower retailers and brands to make data-driven decisions in-store, closing the retail gap with ecommerce retailers. Shopper AI is now partnering with companies in America, and as CEO Lanor Daniel stated, “We are excited to start partnering with companies in America.”

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Shopper AI is a true innovator in the retail industry, bringing ecommerce-style data analytics to brick-and-mortar stores. Their technology provides retailers with insights on shoppers’ behaviors, creating a more effective targeting strategy, and enhancing in-store experiences. This technology creates a significant opportunity for retailers to capitalize on data analytics and increase their sales.

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