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Sproutt acquires The Reder Agency and unleashes AI-assisted platform for effortless insurance experience.

Sproutt, the life insurance company that modernizes life insurance for agencies, agents, and their customers, has announced the launch of Sproutt SmartLife for Agencies and the acquisition of The Reder Agency. The acquisition greatly expands the adoption of Sproutt’s SmartLife platform by introducing it to hundreds of experienced life insurance producers.

Sproutt introduces AI-assisted platform for agency business

Sproutt SmartLife for Agencies brings to market an AI-assisted platform for all aspects of agency business, making the entire insurance process smoother, faster, and more personalized. The platform empowers insurance producers to efficiently assess risk, tailor policies, and enhance customer experience in the most effective and scalable way, improving the distribution channels for agencies, agents, and their customers nationwide. By harnessing the power of AI, Sproutt is bringing the industry into the future and revolutionizing how insurance is sold.

Acquisition of The Reder Agency strengthens Sproutt’s distribution ecosystem

Sproutt’s acquisition of The Reder Agency, a full-service life insurance brokerage specializing in the traditional and senior markets, adds over 400 agents nationwide to Sproutt’s growing network of producers. The Reder Agency’s principal owner, Ben Reder, will join Sproutt as the Senior Vice President of Distribution. With a shared vision to innovate and scale the insurance sales process, the Reder Agency acquisition enables Sproutt to accelerate growth and offer increased value to life insurance producers. This move allows him to have a bigger impact on the life insurance agents and agencies that he is currently working with, as well as provide incredible value for future partnerships.

Sproutt’s SmartLife platform revolutionizes life insurance distribution

The Sproutt SmartLife platform allows agents to make real-time decisions to effectively serve the needs of their clients. Within minutes, agents can offer tailored life insurance solutions with top-rated carriers and a full spectrum of proprietary products from term to whole life. Agents can maximize production, reduce friction in the sales journey and modernize traditional insurance processes for carriers. Sproutt is committed to being the platform of choice for insurance producers and brokers across the country.

In conclusion, Sproutt’s SmartLife for Agencies and the acquisition of The Reder Agency underpins the company’s commitment to revolutionizing life insurance distribution for agencies, agents, and their customers. The adoption of Sproutt’s platform and the integration of hundreds of experienced life insurance producers mean smoother, faster, and more personalized sales experiences in the modern age of insurance.

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