Cognizant’s Game-Changing Acquisition of Thirdera

In a formidable move that’s set to redefine customer engagement and operational efficiency in the tech world, Cognizant has officially declared its plan to acquire Thirdera. Thirdera, a Broomfield, CO-based Elite ServiceNow Partner, has made a name for itself by providing advisory and implementation solutions related to the ServiceNow platform. The acquisition, which is expected to close in January 2024, has been earmarked as a game-changer for Cognizant’s journey towards building a $1 billion business focussed on AI-driven automation.

Cognizant announces acquisition of Thirdera

This exciting alliance stems from Cognizant’s strategic move to acquire Thirdera. It’s a significant deal that expects to bring on board Thirdera’s extensive resources, which include its sizable team of ServiceNow consultants spread across North America, Spain, Colombia, the Netherlands, and Australia. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of Thirdera University, one of the largest training platforms for ServiceNow.

Thirdera’s impact on Cognizant’s ServiceNow Business Group

Thirdera’s integration is set to greatly enhance the capabilities of Cognizant’s ServiceNow Business Group. By leveraging Thirdera’s expertise in enterprise transformation and ServiceNow training, Cognizant is poised to offer its clients a vastly comprehensive experience in the ServiceNow ecosystem. This includes robust services across key ServiceNow workflows and emerging products like generative AI.

CEO views on the partnership and future expectations

In the words of Cognizant’s CEO, Ravi Kumar S, this acquisition will position Cognizant at the forefront of innovation in the ServiceNow ecosystem. Thirdera’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Wojahn, echoed these sentiments, highlighting that the deal would lead to unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation, redefining their clients’ working environments.

With Thirdera set to strengthen the Cognizant ServiceNow Business Group, this partnership will likely drive impressive value for their customers. Bolstered by strategic alliances and a continued commitment towards AI-driven automation, Cognizant is on track to build a formidable, billion-dollar enterprise that’s a force to be reckoned with in the ServiceNow marketplace.

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