DEKRA and TTC Usher in New Era of UAV Cybersecurity

In an unprecedented move towards safeguarding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) against digital threats, global inspecting company DEKRA, in collaboration with the Telecom Technology Center (TTC), gears up to launch the world’s first bespoke cybersecurity testing and certification program for UAVs.

DEKRA and TTC’s Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Initiative for UAVs

DEKRA, along with TTC, has extensively worked on an innovative cybersecurity program solely dedicated to UAVs. This marks the first of its kind in the world. The program robustly addresses digitally evolved threats that could potentially compromise the security and reliability of UAVs. TTC advanced in this collaboration by becoming DEKRA’s first globally Authorized Testing Laboratory (ATL) for UAV, earning the rights to provide cybersecurity testing services crucial for UAV manufacturers.

Implications of New Testing and Certification Program

The newly rolled out program does not just stop at offering testing services. It sets a significant cybersecurity baseline for UAVs, emphasizing secure sensitive data, secure authentication from Ground Station Control (GSC) to UAV, and countermeasures against GPS spoofing attacks. Additionally, it ensures secure software updates capabilities – all indicative of industry best practices. This boosts the UAV industry’s competitiveness, visibility, and prospects to gain access to overseas markets.

DEKRA Bolsters Taiwan’s UAV Industry with High-Level Cybersecurity

Thanks to this critical collaboration, DEKRA seeks to enhance regional market capabilities by steadily implementing advanced UAV cybersecurity, streamlining international validation mechanisms, and making sure hardware and software operate securely under globally recognized standards. Fernando E. Hardasmal, the Executive Vice President of DEKRA, lauded the venture, acknowledging the fast-approaching era of intensive UAV use and the paralleled rise of data security concerns.

In conclusion, the novel cybersecurity testing and certification program reflects a giant leap towards adequate and unprecedented digital protection for UAVs. The successful collaboration between DEKRA and TTC fosters not only a safer UAV industry through advanced cybersecurity measures but also strengthens the industry’s position globally, signaling a promising future.

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