CropX Partners with Talgil Precision Irrigation Controllers to Optimize Water Usage

CropX has announced a partnership with Talgil, which will see Talgil irrigation controllers connected to CropX’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) agronomic insights system. The partnership will enable CropX users to access and schedule irrigation applications via Talgil controllers from within the CropX system, while also being able to import as-applied irrigation data into the CropX system for record-keeping.

Connecting Machine Data to Optimize Crop Yield

This collaboration in connecting machine data will enable farmers to optimize crop yields and reduce environmental impact by providing real-time data through predictive analytics. Matan Rahav, VP of Business Development at CropX, said, “Knowledge is power, and CropX makes that power even more potent when it can connect immediately with the irrigation system to put that knowledge into action.”

  • Improved Sustainability and Cost Savings

The integration between CropX and Talgil will allow for precise and efficient usage of water resources, ultimately improving sustainability and reducing costs for farmers. This pairing empowers farmers with real-time data and predictive analytics to make informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate, optimizing crop yields and mitigating environmental impact. Yosee Ochman, Deputy General Manager at Talgil, stated that “Integrating CropX’s decision support system with Talgil Computing & Control irrigation control systems leads to precise and efficient use of water resources, cost savings, and improved sustainability.”

With deployments in over 60 countries, CropX is recognized worldwide as one of the fastest-growing providers of agribusiness farm management solutions. By synthesizing data from the earth and sky, the CropX Agronomic Farm Management System offers advanced soil and crop intelligence, along with a suite of digital decision and planning tools, all on an easy-to-use application capable of tracking multiple farms and fields. CropX is backed by leading agribusinesses and VCs, recognizing that CropX’s precision-ag technologies set new standards for best practices in environmental sustainability and farm productivity.

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