Crossbeam and Reveal Merge to Transform Go-to-Market Strategies

In a significant move poised to reshape the landscape of go-to-market strategies, Crossbeam and Reveal are merging. This partnership aims to revolutionize sales, marketing, and partner ecosystems using advanced AI tools and ecosystem data.

Crossbeam and Reveal Announce Strategic Merger

Crossbeam, based in Philadelphia, and Reveal, headquartered in Paris, have officially announced their merger. This all-stock transaction will combine their strengths to form a powerhouse in the go-to-market software category. The new entity, maintaining the Crossbeam name, will leverage a vast network of over 25,000 companies globally.

Bob Moore, CEO of Crossbeam, expressed enthusiasm for the merger, emphasizing their shared vision of innovation. “Our most successful customers are leveraging AI powered by ecosystem data,” he said. This merger is expected to catalyze significant change across various industries.

Combined Power to Innovate AI-Driven Ecosystem Data

The unified company will boast the largest repository of ecosystem data worldwide, benefiting from integrations with top platforms like Gong, Salesforce, and HubSpot. As a result, all go-to-market teams will gain access to unparalleled insights and data-driven strategies, enabling efficient growth.

Moreover, Crossbeam plans to create new AI-driven products within this expansive network. These innovations will streamline partner ecosystem data, providing seamless experiences and powerful growth playbooks.

Leadership and Vision for a Unified Future

Leadership from both companies will play pivotal roles in guiding the unified Crossbeam. Bob Moore will serve as the CEO, while Reveal’s Simon Bouchez will take on the COO role. The Board of Directors will include representatives from key investors like a16z, Insight Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and FirstMark Capital.

Customers can expect a unified vision focused on creating a best-of-both-worlds experience. The companies’ integration plans prioritize innovative product roadmaps and single-data platforms to enhance customer relationships and growth strategies.

In conclusion, the merger of Crossbeam and Reveal marks an exciting era for go-to-market strategies. By joining forces, they aim to drive innovation through unparalleled ecosystem data and AI tools. As the combined entity, Crossbeam is set to lead the industry, offering advanced solutions to partners worldwide and ensuring efficient, scalable growth.

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