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Daegu’s Exciting UAM Vision: Transforming into a Futuristic Urban Air Mobility Hub by 2030

The city of Daegu in South Korea has bold plans for the future, aiming to transform itself into a “Daegu Style Urban Air Mobility (UAM)” hub by 2030. This exciting vision was announced at the “2023 Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo” (2023 DIFA Expo), a thought-provoking event that brought together companies at the vanguard of UAM technology.

Daegu UAM Vision and Blueprint

The city’s plan was shared at the Daegu UAM Special Pavilion at the DIFA Expo. Included in their futuristic vision is a vibrant urban air mobility ecosystem, which covers everything from UAM reservations and traffic management to boarding, UAM vehicles, and future ‘vertiports’. The vision heralds a new era of efficient, emission-free travel — fully realized by 2030.

“UAM to Take to the Skies in Daegu City Center by 2030” - Vision of ‘UAM Model for Daegu’ Unveiled at the 2023 DIFA Expo

Daegu also outlined its plans for a pilot program launching in 2026, integrated with the new airport. The city understands the magnitude of this undertaking and acknowledges the need for public acceptance

Highlight of the Expo: Sambo Motors

One of the many domestic and international companies that participated at the Expo, was Daegu-based Sambo Motors. They caused quite a stir, presenting a one-of-a-kind, one-seater aircraft that operates on a hybrid system of hydrogen fuel and batteries. This innovative UAM model created quite a buzz at the event as it demonstrated a promising solution for two of the biggest challenges facing traditional UAM systems: limited flight time and range.

“UAM to Take to the Skies in Daegu City Center by 2030” - Vision of ‘UAM Model for Daegu’ Unveiled at the 2023 DIFA Expo

Emerging Players on the Scene: RGBLab

Another participant that turned heads at the 2023 DIFA was RGBLab. The Daegu-based mobility company, recently selected as a promising venture enterprise, presented its unique “Arion” platform. Developed as an autonomous mobility AI control solution, it’s designed to assist with, and eventually replace, human tasks in various fields, offering a glimpse into the potential of fully autonomous technologies.

These bold visions for the future of UAM, showcased at the 2023 DIFA, paint a futuristic landscape of urban travel. The big reveal from Daegu City, Sambo Motors’ unique hybrid UAM, and RGBLab’s autonomous mobility AI control platform are just a few examples of the remarkable innovations currently under development. What’s clear is that Daegu is pushing the boundaries of what is currently considered possible in the realm of UAM.

As we journey towards this UAM reality, let’s consider the profound joys and challenges we might encounter along the way. Are you prepared to take to the skies? What are your thoughts on Daegu’s ambitious vision? Please, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and fly into the future with us!

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